Rob Kardashian: I Wanna Lose Weight ... But Not Look Like Scrawny-Ass Tyga!

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Rob Kardashian is serious about losing weight, but doesn't want to overdo it, lest he end up looking like Kylie Jenner's scrawny beau Tyga.

Overweight Rob Kardashian
Tyga in NYC

According to reports, Rob has already lost 40 pounds since he started working out with the aid of personal trainer-lover Blac Chyna.

He's adamant about not wanting to get too slim, though.

Insiders say he never wants to be a "bean pole," a term he applies to her baby daddy, mediocre, recently-evicted rapper Tyga.

Rob has told Blac “she’s sadly mistaken” if she thinks he’ll ever be as skinny as her ex; Rob is not a fan of the "scrawny" look.

Quoth a source close to Robert Jr. on the subject:

“Look, Rob’s all about losing weight and being healthy. But one thing he doesn’t want to be is a skinny bean pole like Tyga."

If she has a type, well, he ain't it: "He told Blac, jokingly of course, that he knows how she’s used to scrawny men like Tyga." 

"He told Blac she’s sadly mistaken if she thinks he’s about to weigh 95 pounds soaking wet. They both laughed hysterically.”

Tyga, of course, is putting it to Rob's half-sister Kylie Jenner, making the whole relationship rather incestuous and awkward.

Hey, as long as they're all happy ... if they're happy.

After Kylie announced she’s starting her own cooking show, Blac dissed her for stealing her idea ... yes, this really happened.

Blac uploaded a pic of her own cooking videos with the caption “B*tch Bye Follow@cookingwithchyna #InfatuatedWitChy.”

So much shade. So few hours in the day to cover it.

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