Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Marriage and Murder

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Romance was in the air on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 17.

Then again, so was homicide...

First, in an unsurprising developments, Elliot proposed to Alison. She had the last name “Rollins” during the flash forward from last summer, so this didn’t exactly cause our jaws to drop.

The proposal didn’t exactly take place under the best circumstances, though.

Due to a suggestive text from the Liars' new stalker, Ali blamed herself for Charlotte’s death; her sibling ran away from home that evening after Ali told her she was in a relationship with her doctor, after all.

Hanna and Emily blame Charlotte's killing on someone else, however...

We also discovered this week that Hanna and Melissa ran into each other in London a few years ago.

The latter revealed that Wren broke up with her after getting a call from Charlotte (about the Bethany Young mess? Perhaps?) and then posed the following question: If she’s willing to tell him, who else is she going to tell?

Remember how Damian’s said that Melissa was in town before Charlotte was released? The evidence is starting to mount up against her. 

(Which probably means she's innocent.)

Elsewhere, Caleb succeeded in encrypting Spencer’s mom's medical records.

However, when it was leaked that Yvonne had an abortion - which is a significant problem because her mother is running on a pro-life platform - the investigators traced it back to Caleb.

Despite Spencer’s pleas, Caleb dismissed himself from Veronica’s campaign… and moved out of the Hastings home. Might this be the end of Spaleb? Already?!?

Finally, as you'll see when you watch Pretty Little Liars online, Ella and Byron got re-married! Hooray! Good for them!

It was a beautiful service, even if it was sparsely attended - and it was officiated by Aria, who solidified her relationship with Liam after he learned about her history with Ezra.

That's all for this week because, no, we're not about to talk about the whole Emily and her eggs thing.

That storyline is ridiculous. Even for Pretty Little Liars.

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