Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 15 Recap: A Killer Threat

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We learned something very interesting about Aria's father on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 15.

That he's guilty of murder? Nope.

But Byron is guilty... of being in love!

He opened up to his daughter on this week's episode of the Freeform (we'll never get used to writing that) drama, saying he and Ella are back together.


That news made us very happy, as did some other romantic revelations from the hour, namely that Spencer and Caleb are still doing quite well, despite all the craziness taking place around them.

Let's all hope pray whatever Caleb finds in Yvonne’s “Hastings opposition research” folder doesn’t change that.

As for Emily and Alison? That's bit harder to say.

We may need to go back and watch Pretty Little Liars online in order to gauge where these two stand, considering Ali offered to take Emily to her egg donation procedure and then they even held hands in the hospital.

So all signs points to romance, right?

However, following Emily’s assertion that Sara Harvey attacked her after surgery, we have clue what to think.

Was it all a hallucination? Or is Alison - who claimed to have been in Emily’s room the entire time - secretly working with Sara?

Hey! Don't scoff! This is Pretty Little Liars! Far weirder and unexpected things have happened.

Also suspicious of Sara, Aria and Spencer snuck into her room at the Radley, hoping they could find evidence that tied her to Charlotte’s murder.

Alas, although they didn’t necessarily do so, they did learn that Sara’s hotel room used to be Charlotte’s room when Radley was a sanitarium.

And then there was a secret exit. Hmmm....

We end by wondering just whose wedding will take place on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 and by giving A some props.

This is easily her best threat of all-time:

PLL Threat
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