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It’s been over two years since Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom got divorced, but the ridiculously good-looking ex-couple still has a kid together, which means they’re still very much involved in one another’s lives.

Miranda and Orlando have reportedly been able to co-parent amicably, and they’ve established a set of rules to ensure that their 5-year-old boy Flynn grows up in the most stable environment possible. Now, it seems that Orlando broke one of those rules with the help of Katy Perry.

Orlando Bloom: 2015 UNICEF Snowflake Ball
Photo via Ivan Nikolov/

Following rumors that they hooked up at the Golden Globes, we now know that Katy and Orlando are dating, and from the looks of things, they’re moving very fast.

In fact, they’re moving much too fact for Miranda’s taste.

Kerr explained in a recent interview that she and Bloom have strict guidelines with regard to introducing Flynn to the new significant others in their lives.

“We have to know the person for six months,” she explained.

So it’s understandable that Kerr was not happy to find out Perry has already met her son after just one month of dating Bloom.

According to Star magazine, Bloom recently brought Katy along when he and Flynn attended a birthday party for Robert Downey, Jr.’s son.

“Miranda went off on Orlando for being so inconsiderate,” a source tells the tabloid.

“Those photos of him and Katy playing happy family with Flynn broke her heart, but Orlando said she was being dramatic.

“Miranda’s always had this hold over Orlando, even after they split. She would never admit it, but she feels very threatened by Katy. Orlando has fallen head over heels.”

Of course, we really don’t blame him for falling for Katy. Say what you will about Orlando, the guy has impeccable taste in women.