Lindsay Lohan: Dating Random Russian Real Estate Agent?

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The 2016 Academy Awards were held in Hollywood last night, and in keeping with one of the the film industry's proudest traditions, Lindsay Lohan was not invited.

Lindsay Lohan Attends Tyler Shields' London Exhibit

Lindsay still hopes to win an Oscar someday (ed. note: LOLOLOLOLOL), but in the meantime, she's apparently found contentment with a 22-year-old Russian real estate agent named Igor Tarabasov.

According to Radar Online, Linds met Igor (who we're assuming is a recent winner of the prestigious World's Most Russian Name prize) back in October, and the the couple has been "inseparable" ever since.

“Lindsay has obviously had some issues in the past, and probably been attracted to the wrong sort of guys, but this is different,” says one insider.

“He’s a bit younger than she is, but he’s a very smart businessman. He’s much more mature than his age suggests, and he’s a good influence."

Given Lindsay's proclivity for banging famous guys, it might seem odd that she would give a Russian real estate agent the time of day, much less date him. 

Fortunately, the source has an explanation for that:

“He is a perfect boyfriend and – as he is quite wealthy – pays for quite a lot of stuff like meals out and trips away. He has been traveling the world with her, and posting loads of pictures of their trips online.”

Sounds like Lindsay's ideal arrangement.

Of course, back in January, Lohan claimed to be a victim of domestic violence, then quickly deleted the allegation from her Instagram page.

If what the source says is true, she would have been dating Igor at the time.

Not cool, comrade.

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