Lauren Bushnell: Dumped By Ben Higgins For JoJo Fletcher?!

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The Bachelor Season 20 is coming down the home stretch and Ben Higgins is down to his final four after Monday night's double elimination.

While The Bachelor spoilers have hinted at a fairly cut and dried ending to the 2016 campaign from the start, is an epic twist in the works?

JoJo Fletcher Photo

If you watch The Bachelor online, you know where we stand:

Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, Jojo Fletcher (above), and Lauren Bushnell (below) are the only four women out of 25 still in the hunt.

Sorry Becca Tilley. For the second straight year.

WARNING: It should go without saying, but The Bachelor spoilers await below, including who Ben Higgins picks (or allegedly picks).

So read on at your own risk. We good? Good ...

According to Reality Steve, the show's unofficial soothsayer - the Oracle of Bachelor Spoilers if you will - Amanda is the next one out.

Her hometown date didn't get it done, apparently.

Then Ben sends Caila home from overnight dates in Jamaica, leaving Higgins to choose between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

From the get-go, Lauren has been the favorite (some rumors even implied that Ben made up his mind before filming ended) this year.

Is there more to it, though? Read on ...

However, recent speculation has centered around Ben’s unresolved feelings for JoJo Fletcher, and whether that might doom his engagement.

Sure, the "I'm in love with two women" trope is done to death every year to build suspense, but in this case, is there something to it?

Talk of Ben Higgins pulling a Jason Mesnick and dropping Lauren Bushnell after she wins the final rose has us intrigued, we can't lie.

That gossip may be completely bogus, but other accounts suggest it went down to the wire for Ben, and that alone has rankled Lauren.

Lauren had no idea how close she was to almost not receiving a ring, believing Ben was just going through the motions all along in 2016.

In truth, was he a lot more conflicted than he let on?

Well, one insider says this has given way to real feelings of jealousy toward Ben and JoJo Fletcher, leaving the couple on the rocks.

Might Higgins end up with Fletcher in the end?

Until that happens or we hear The Bachelor spoilers from Steve himself, we aren't going to go that far. But it does make you wonder ...

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