Kris Jenner Hid O.J. Simpson Murder Weapon, Tabloid Alleges

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Robert Kardashian Sr. may have used Kris Jenner to hide evidence that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson, a tabloid alleges.

Kris Jenner-O.J. Simpson Cover

Oh yes. Of all the rumors connecting Kris Jenner to O.J. Simpson over the years, this may be the most outrageous, by a wide margin.

(Considering the long-held belief by many celebrity gossip readers that O.J. is Khloe Kardashian's father, that truly is saying something.)

According to the National Enquirer, Robert Kardashian, O.J.'s confidant, asked Kris to hang onto a briefcase for him after the slayings.

The father of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe (probably) and Rob Kardashian Jr. was seen with the Louis Vuitton bag not long after the murders.

It's a pretty big leap to assume anything nefarious on behalf of the first family of reality TV, but the family was close with the Simpsons.

O.J. contemplated suicide in Kim's room after being charged with murder, and Kris and Nicole had plans to meet the day after she died.

Prosecutors spoke of a "mountain of evidence" tying O.J. to the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in June 1994.

Despite widespread belief that Simpson did it, which has only intensified in the two decades since, he was acquitted in criminal court.

The D.A.'s case imploded for many reasons we won't get into here, but there's no disputing the one piece of evidence they never discovered.

Either O.J. or the "real killer" he nebulously spoke of brutally slaughtered two people with a knife that to this day has not been uncovered.

One theory is that the bag Robert Kardashian carried out of O.J.'s house contained the knife, and that he gave it to Kris for safe keeping.

She probably never even knew what was in it, insiders reveal, and perhaps the one person who could divulge this information is dead.

Ron’s sister Kim Goldman spoke with the National Enquirer and divulged that her family was contacted regarding the missing satchel:

“We were notified by either a lawyer or someone from the Kardashian family. Robert wanted the bag to be given to me after his death.”

Kardashian, who was married to Kris Jenner from 1978-1991, before she married Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) died of cancer in 2003.

Kim Goldman divulged that Kardashian “instructed his heirs to turn over O.J.’s mysterious bag to Ron’s family in the event of his death.”

Yet the briefcase has never surfaced, the Goldman family has no idea what its contents were, and the mystery remains to this very day.

Simpson’s ex-manager has suggested that the bag was probably stolen, noting a series of burglaries at the Kardashian / Jenner homes.

We'll never know with certainty what was in the bag or what happened to it, but it's hard to imagine its disappearance being an accident.

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