Kim Zolciak and Daughter Bond Over Waist Training, Suck a Whole Lot

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You know what they say, right?

A family that waist trains together stays together?

Kim and Brielle Zolciak Waist Train

No, really, Brielle Zolciak really does say this in the caption of her latest Instagram photo.

It features Brielle and her sort of famous mother, Kim Zolciak, both donning the totally absurd "weight loss" apparatus made famous by Kim Kardashian and her family.

"family that #waisttrains together stays together," Brielle writes. "loving our @waistgangsociety comic shaper thanks @premadonna87 for hooking us up!!..

"order yours now from mother & maughter slayageeee we slay!! use code ( Briellekim ) for a special discount."

We are obligated to now point out that a waist trainer does not help one lose an ounce of weight.

All of these celebrities are being paid a lot of money to endorse a product that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

They are atrocious role models for young women around the world. Please be aware of this.

Brielle Zolciak has been sharing more and more selfies and bikini photos in recent weeks, doing all she can to make like her reality star of a mother.

She suddenly has over 651,000 followers, so she's doing something right.

And that something typically involves her wearing very little clothing.

Here is a look, meanwhile, at the Kardashian sisters and the way they have espoused the nonsense of waist training over the years.

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