Kim Richards: Headed to JAIL For Lying to Judge?!

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Just when it looked like things might be turning around Kim Richards, she went and did what she does best by screwing up in epic fashion.

Kim Richards on the Street

In case you haven't been keeping up on the troubled former Housewife, Richards has had one of the most horrendous years of any celebrity in recent memory.

For starters, Kim was arrested twice, once for kicking a cop, and once for shoplifting from Target.

Shortly thereafter, Kim was fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 

She sought addiction treatment in order to secure a lighter sentence, and then went missing from rehab after taking a furlough to attend her daughter's wedding (where she reportedly got drunk and humiliated the bride).

To top it all off, Richards spent much of the year caring for best friend (and ex-husband), Monty Brinson, who died from cancer last month at the age of 58.

Like we said, 2015 was decidedly not her year. But there was one upside: 

Through some seriously impressive legal maneuvering, Richards was able to avoid jail in both of her cases.

Then, something even more miraculous happened: Richards mounted a career comeback, signing on to star in a VH1 reality about troubled celebrity mother/daughter relationships.

Unfortunately, Kim may have just thrown it all away by...wearing heels?

You see, Kim has thus far avoided doing any manual labor as part of her community service by convincing the judge she suffers from a serious foot ailment.

Now, according to TMZ, prosecutors have filed evidence that includes photos of Kim wearing high heels at various public functions. 

She's now due back in court on June 1, and if she can't prove that her injury is as serious as she previously claimed, she could face jail time for lying to the court.

Let this be a lesson, kids - dumb and unlucky make for a terrible combination.

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