Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Headed For Divorce Over Home Repairs?

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Anyone who's ever renovated a home knows that it's no easy task. Of course, like most things in life, it's made easier by having access to tens of millions of dollars.

Even so, sources are claiming that Kim and Kanye's endless home repairs have driven the couple to the brink of divorce.

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"The project is a total nightmare!" a source close to the situation Radar.

"They both change their minds constantly. Kanye has had the floor in the entry way ripped out at least four times because he didn't like the way the sun reflected off of the tiles. Each time the floor is taken out, it's at least $25,000."

If it were anyone other than Kanye West, we'd have a hard time believing the bit about dropping six figures because your floor tiles aren't as shiny as you wanted.

The man has definitely earned that $53 million in debt.

"Kanye is paying for all of the renovations. Kim hasn't volunteered to pay a dime, and has no problem spending his money," says the insider.

"This stage of the project was slated to cost $5 million, but it's way over budget. The figure has ballooned to over $10 million, and it's still months away from being finished."

Even though she's not footing the bill, Kim is reportedly getting frustrated, as she's tired of sharing a roof with her momager.

"[Kim] just wants to move into the Hidden Hills house already, but Kanye insists on everything being absolutely perfect. In the meantime, living with Kris is continuing to take a toll on their marriage."

We've heard rumors that Kim and Kanye are headed for divorce before, but "Kanye's obsession with floor tiles drove Kim insane" might be our favorite reason yet.

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