Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce Drama: Their Secret Battle REVEALED!

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Kanye West's maniacal Twitter rants, public meltdowns and surmounting debt has driven his wife Kim Kardashian to the edge.

Or maybe it was the flooring in their new home.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and daughter North

Whatever the reason, Kim is reportedly considering divorce - and Kanye might be, too.

However, while Kim and her famous reality show family arguably made over-sharing popular, the one thing she doesn't like to talk about is her marital troubles.

"Kim is so secretive right now," a source told Radar Online. "She tries to talk about anything but Kanye."

However, it seems she opens up to at least one person. A very untrustworthy person who runs to the tabloids with the dirt.

"Kim is getting really sick of Kanye lately," the source revealed. "She really doesn't want another divorce and she has decided that this is her last marriage, but she doesn't know what else to do."

We feel you, Kim. WE'RE getting sick of Kanye, and we don't even live with the guy.

But yeah, three marriages... Not quite in Elizabeth Taylor territory yet, but getting there.

However, a bad friend of Kanye's told the site that he might just beat her to the punch.

"I could see HIM divorcing her," said the second insider, "because that's just how Kanye is."

"He was obsessed with her for years and if she ever did try to leave him he would be devastated."

Solid plan there, guys.

These days, we're not sure what to believe. They are certainly trying to keep up the appearance that all's well in the West household.

Last week, Kanye hinted that they might be working on baby number three and Kim shared a sweet photo of Kanye and daughter North sleeping innocently during a recent shopping trip.

What do you think? Happily married or divorce court? Or maybe something in between?

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