Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose: How Did They Make Peace?

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Internet users woke up on Tuesday morning to stunning news:

Donald Trump lost the Iowa Caucus to Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders nearly upset Hillary Clinton.

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose

Wait... no, that's not it.

We're talking truly stunning news, the kind that could change America forever:

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have buried their proverbial, very sharp hatchet.

Around 5 a.m. EST, Kardashian shared the above selfie on her Twitter page, with Amber quickly following suit on Instagram.

"Tea anyone?" Kim asked as a caption, while Rose simply wrote "Swingers" and included an emjoi of a frog and a cup of tea.

How did this come about?

How did Rose go from taunting Kanye West about his alleged penchant for fingers up his butt to hanging out cordially with the rapper's wife just days later?

What led to Kardashian to meet with someone who once Tweeted about how Kim let Ray J nut on her?

According to TMZ insiders, Kim made the first move in this case, calling up Amber on Monday afternoon and asking to meet at Kris Jenner's house early that evening.

Rose accepted the peace offering and Kanye's wife ended up hashing things out with Kanye's ex-girlfriend.

We never thought we'd say this... but what a classy and mature move on Kardashian's part.

Perhaps Kim recognized that Kanye was very much in the wrong here for igniting a feud between Wiz Khalifa and Rose by bringing their young son into a Twitter beef.

And perhaps Kim also saw this as an opportunity to boost her Instagram popularity even more.

The photo, after all, has garnered over 815,000 Likes in just over five hours.

You can call Kim Kardashian whatever you'd like (PLEASE!), but don't ever say she isn't social media savvy.

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