Kendra Wilkinson CROSSES the TMI Line on Twitter

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Anyone who participates in social media knows that TMI posts are just part of the deal.

However, there are limits. More specifically, there is a poop boundary.

Sadly, no one told Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra Wilkinson Reacts

So, I guess it's up to us: one simply does not share the state of their bowel movements with nearly three million followers, even in times of digestive distress.

The former Playboy Bunny was talking poop BAD the other night on Twitter, unleashing the following disturbing tweets:

  • "Omg I gotta take a sh*t so bad n no bathrooms around me rt now. (Scream¬†emoji.)"
  • "It's so bad. That feeling when it comes and goes but when it comes feels like a contraction."
  • "I got to bathroom but the weird thing is nothing came out. (Sad face emoji.)"
Kendra Wilkinson Poop Tweets

Right. That's very specific, even for Kendra.

The Kendra on Top star is certainly known for being an over-sharer (and in all honesty, yeah, we've all been there, girl) but she really should know better.

She must've had a moment of clarity because she's since deleted the craptastic tweets, and some have speculated that her account may have been hacked.

However, Kendra has made no reference to the incident.

So for those of you just dying to know what happened to Kendra's vanishing turd, well, it just may remain a mystery for the ages.

We hope.

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