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Being a Duchess is for the birds, it appears.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George at Trooping The Colour 2015
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The latest made-up tale about Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge highlights her "exhausted" and "fatigued" look on February 17th, when she and the Duke attended a ceremony ending Royal Air Force search-and-rescue operations near their old home in Anglesey, Wales.

"Duchess Kate had a very busy day and then had to travel to Wales immediately with no break whatsoever," Celebrity Dirty Laundry wrote.

The Duchess of Cambridge didn’t even put much effort into her outfit for the day," the site (inaccurately) pointed out.  "Princess Kate wore the red LK Bennett coat she has worn twice before."

Catherine has actually worn LK Bennett’s "Ami" coat three times in the past – the first to a November 2011 UNICEF engagement in 2011.  Again a year later at a rugby game at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, and then to a Poppy Appeal event in November 2013.

William and Catherine lived in a rented farmhouse in Anglesey while William worked as a search-and-rescue pilot at RAF Valley.  When his time with the armed forces came to an end in September 2013, he and his family moved back to London.

During the reception after ceremony yesterday, Catherine told a fellow couple how much living there meant to her.

“It was such a special time for us,” Catherine said, according to the Daily Mail. “It was the start of our life together really.”  

That was the quote that set the tabloids ablaze with speculation that Catherine wanted William to "abandon" their royal obligations and raise their family in Wales.

In other stupid royal news, OK! is trying to convince everyone that Catherine is deffo pregnant because two cycles before yesterday, Catherine wore the same LK Bennett when she was pregnant with George.

That is bullet-proof evidence right there.