Jill and Jessa Duggar: Shocked to Be Featured on Adult Website!

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Prior to last year's Josh Duggar sex scandals, many were under the impression that it didn't get much more squeaky-clean than the 19 Kids and Counting clan.

Unfortunately for Josh's siblings, however, his misconduct was so egregious that it's caused the public to view his entire family differently - especially his two most high-profile sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald.

Jill, Jessa

Though their own controversies are unrelated to Josh's misdeeds, it's hard to imagine that Jill and Jessa would be criticized so harshly if their family hadn't fallen from grace in such a public fashion.

First Jill was slammed for allegedly lying about her missionary work.

Then Jessa was attacked for asking fans for for money in order to purchase new clothes and other items for her son, Spurgeon.

Like we said, Jill and Jessa's mini-scandals pale in comparison to Josh's, but the reactions from former fans are indicative of how far the Duggars have fallen in the past year.

As a result, of course, they're being treated differently on all corners of the the Internet, which may be why Jill and Jessa have found unexpected (and unwanted) popularity on a website that serves as an online gathering place for foot fetishists.

The sisters were reportedly shocked to learn that they're featured on a site called Wikifeet, which - though not a porn site itself - is decidedly NSFW, in that it contains links to sites with more graphic content, as well as some seriously racy comment boards.

Anna Duggar is also featured on the site, but it's Jill and Jessa who are receiving the bulk of the unwanted attention.

"Her feet and toes are beautiful, everything is in proper proportion," wrote one commenter about Jill.

"Gorgeous feet. Sublime harmony of the toes. I loved it, perfect!" said another about Jessa.

Needless to say, it's not the kind of praise the sisters relish, but it looks as though they have no legal recourse.

Looks like it's just one more embarrassment for the once-beloved Duggars.

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