Harry Styles Quotes Taylor Swift, Drives Internet Bonkers

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Harry Styles doesn't know about you.

But he's feeling 22.

Harry Styles Smirks

He's apparently also feeling like messing with the emotions of millions of people around the world.

The handsome singer celebrated his 22nd birthday on Twitter today by writing the following message to followers:

"I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22."

That is a lyric, of course, from the Taylor Swift track "22."

Swift and Styles were a semi-serious item for a few months back in 2012.

According to rumors and innuendo, Styles broke up with Swift because she was too prude. She then went on to allegedly write a song about him.

(The song was titled "Style," so we can likely strike the word allegedly from that sentence.)

It's been many years since Styles and Swift were in a relationship and each has since moved way on.

Taylor has been dating Calvin Harris since 2014, while it appears as if Styles is giving it to Kendall Jenner these days.

So we're not really sure what prompted Styles to make this birthday reference. Let's face it: he clearly knew the uproar that would follow on Twitter.

Is he just trolling Taylor?

Having a tiny bit of fun at her expense, considering the way she often has fun at the expense of her ex-boyfriends in her songs?


But whatever. It's Harry's birthday and he can have whatever kind of fun he wants to.

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