Hailey Baldwin to Justin Bieber: Cover That Lame Ass Selena Gomez Tattoo!!

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Hailey Baldwin forced Justin Bieber to get rid of his lame Selena Gomez tattoo, or at least obscure the damn thing, a new report indicates.

Not only that, dude actually complied with her demand!

If fans were worried about Justin and Selena getting back together for the 100th time, it appears that ship has sailed for good at last.

Justin, as fans may already know, recently sat down with GQ for a video in which he went over all of his tattoos and what they mean.

We won't make you sit through that here. In short:

  1. Dude is every bit the douche he appears;
  2. He tried to cover that Selena tattoo up!

Apparently that didn’t work, so Bieber had the face shaded in to make it not look like the pop star whose virginity he took years ago.

Why go to such lengths to alter the thing?

Rumor has it that Hailey Baldwin pressured Justin to rid himself of the ink, given that there's zero love lost between Hailey and Selena.

Seeing a daily reminder of Justin’s former girlfriend on his arm while he's naked and on top of you is probably pretty awkward, for sure.

Still, Hailey Baldwin seems to be selective with her jealousy. She doesn’t seem to mind the endless stream of hot models Justin dates.

Only mementos of Selena Gomez, oddly.

So much speculation about Justin Bieber, so little time. All we can say for sure at this moment in human history are these three takeaways:

  1. Tattoos, like Jelena, are not forever;
  2. Selena is banging Austin Swift or breaking up Brad Pitt's marriage depending on what you read, so odds are she doesn't GAF.
  3. Hailey looks like this, so one can kind of understand why Bieber would literally shade Selena if Baldwin gave him a directive.

Just saying ...

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