Farrah Abraham Announces Dog is Pregnant, Gets SLAMMED on Social Media

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Farrah Abraham got famous by getting pregnant at a young age (although "leaking" a professionally-produced sex tape didn't hurt), so it's not surprising that she was super psyched to learn over the weekend that her Pomeranian, Posh, is knocked up.

Farrah's pupils probably turned into dollar signs when she heard the news, because no one has ever explained to her that pregnant dog reality shows aren't a thing.

Anyway, puppies are great, and as you can see in the clip above, Farrah's 6-year-old daughter, Sophia, is understandably psyched about the new pooches, but Farrah is taking a fair amount of flak online for failing to spay her pet.

“Millions of dogs including puppies are put to sleep every single day because the shelters are at maximum capacity and you are bringing even more into the world by choice!" commented one Instagram followers.

"Fix the problem we have right now and spay and neuter your pets! Educate yourselves please!!”

Another commenter went the obvious route and wrote simply, “Did she not learn anything from 16 and pregnant?”

Obviously, this is pretty tame compared to some of Farrah's recent feuds, but it serves as a reminder of just how much the Internet hates Farrah Abraham.

Even a post about freakin' puppies turns into a reason to rag on her.

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