Duggar Family Denies Jana Spinoff, Josh Settlement in Statement

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Despite reports that Jana Duggar is getting her own TLC spinoff show, the 19 Kids & Counting family has put out a statement denying this.

Moreover, the family blog takes issue with recent rumors that the Duggars and/or TLC settled with Josh Duggar's sexual assault accuser.

Jana and John David
Michelle, Jim Bob, Josh and Anna Duggar

A production source close to TLC and the family confirmed - or so we thought - that a Jana Duggar spinoff was in the works in Arkansas.

Other reports didn't go quite that far, but suggested there was indeed a new show centered around the famous family, including Jana.

Starring role or not, Jana - a 26-year-old, beautiful, single young woman untainted by scandal - seemed like the perfect choice to focus on.

She's everyone's favorite Duggar, after all. Well, at least here at THG.

Viewers are still very interested in their lives, especially "Cinderella" Jana, who is said to be eager to start her own family and have kids.

Since Jana's “younger sisters are already married and have families of their own,” the reality star has started to “compare herself to them.”

As such, she is ready for her own life and house, and the alleged new show made us wonder if TLC planned 19 Kids' return all along.

Is this all too good to be true, and ultimately premature, however?

According to the Duggar Family Blog, NOTHING is confirmed right now, and the Duggars have been staying deliberately mum on the topic.

A statement on the site acknowledges, accurately, that “fans are eager to see this super-sized clan reclaim its place in the TLC lineup.” 

However, “[a]s of right now, there has been no official, public word from either TLC or the Duggar family regarding [a possible new show].”

The statement did admit that “a few individuals claim to have seen them filming around Northwest Arkansas” with a TLC crew. However:

“If and when an announcement is made,” the conservative brood promises, the official site “will share all the details” with Duggar Nation. 

So ... perhaps they're just delaying the official announcement?

The Duggars' blog also addressed the rumor that TLC paid off Danica Dillon to make her sexual assault lawsuit against Josh disappear.

Dillon “will bear her own costs and fees in this matter and that no one has or will pay her any money to resolve this matter,” the Duggars said.

That denial was just that - a denial. As far as the Duggar family's future on TLC is concerned, we still think there's something in the works.

What about you? Hit the comments below and let us know!

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