Blac Chyna Defends Rob Kardashian, Slams "Whack Ass B-tches"

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Blac Chyna would like to get a few things off her ample chest.

Blac Chyna on Snapchat
Rob Kardashian on Snapchat

First, according to TMZ sources, the controversial star is not about to name names or throw anyone under the bus...

... but she insists that the ecstasy found in her suitcase during her arrest in Austin last week was placed there by the person who packed said suitcase.

She claims she had never seen it before authorities fished it out.

Second, whack ass bitches better step off!!!

Indeed, Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend went off on critics and haters via a series of Snapchat videos on Tuesday night, telling anyone slamming the reclusive former reality star to mind his or her own darn business.

“You know what I hate the most? … Whack ass bitches,” Chyna, clad in a black hoodie, said into the camera, adding:

“I go on Instagram and my Snapchat and people talking s--t about Rob.

"Right, you weak ass bitch … right exactly … please come harder."

To the shock of both the public and the Kardashians, Chyna has been dating Rob for several weeks now.

Some believe this is a revenge relationship because Chyna is the ex-girlfriend of Tyga and has been critical of Kylie Jenner and her family ever since the 18-year old started to date the rapper.

But Rob just drove 1,377 miles to bring Chyna back from Texas to Los Angeles.

So he's either very dedicated to this act of vengeance against his family... or he's in love. (Or he's using drugs, we suppose.)

“What’s so crazy is like you bitches are so f—king concerned," Chyna continued on Snapchat.

"Worry about yourself. Worry about your account. Imma give you guys like, the benefit of the doubt, you haters … These are the same bitches talking s—t time and time again.

"Like, worry ‘bout yourself.”

Rob has shied away from the spotlight for years now.

In that time, he has gained a lot of weight and he was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.

So Blac Chyna ended her diatribe by referring to Kardashian’s struggle with weight gain and depression.

“I’m ‘bout to tell y’all something. So he’s been like, low-key for three years and y’all bitches ain’t bout to run him back in,” Chyna said, prior to a friend taking over the camera and reiterating that haters should back off.

Multiple reports have confirmed that Chyna has been helping Kardashian lose weight. She’s hired an online personal trainer for the Arthur George sock creator and also come up with workouts and a meal plan for Kardashian to follow.

Might this actually be a normal, healthy relationship?

Might Blac Chyna hold the keys to a happy future for Rob Kardashian?

Anything is possible, people.

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