Bill Gothard: Male Plaintiffs Come Forward in Sexual Assault Case Against Duggars' Minister

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Back in March of 2014, Institute for Basic Life Principles founder Bill Gothard resigned in disgrace amidst allegations that he had sexually abused dozens of young women, many of them former employees.

Bill Gothard

In October, five of those alleged victims filed a lawsuit against Gothard in an Illinois civil court.

To the surprise of many, Gothard has stood his ground and refused to settle out of court.

Even after 10 more victims came forward last month, Gothard continued to vaguely admit to some sort of impropriety, but maintained that he was not guilty of any criminal offense.

Earlier today, Radar Online delivered another crushing blow to the reputation of the man who's best known as the former minister of the Duggar family, reporting that three young men have come forward claiming they were repeatedly sexually molested by Gothard beginning when they were as young as 13.

With the alleged victim total at 18, the plaintiff's attorney and many in the media are comparing Gothard's scandal to that of former TV legend Bill Cosby.

Both men admit to behaving inappropriately, but insist that they have not done anything that should necessitate the involvement of the law.

“I was very wrong in holding hands, giving hugs and touching their hair or feet,” Gothard said in a recent statement.

“I was also wrong in making statements that caused emotional turmoil and confusion. My guilty is compounded by my hypocrisy of requiring standards for others but not following them myself.”

Thus far, the Duggar family has refused to comment publicly on the matter.

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