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There’s #WomanCrushWednesday and #ThrowbackThursday, and now #TransformationTuesday is apparently also a thing.

Will it catch on? Has it already caught on and we’re just horrible out of touch? We have no idea. But we do know that if it means more photos of Bella Thorne’s perfectly sculpted backside, you can count us in.

Bella Thorne: Butt Selfie

Yes, there’s certainly nothing to complain about there.

Of course, as longtime followers of Bella’s Instagram page, we’re not sure that much of a transformation has taken place here.

We’ve seen Bella’s butt many times before, and it’s always perfectly on point.

Still, we appreciate that she’s giving us all something to aspire to – even if our Transformation Tuesday consists of watching all 4 Transformers movies while shame-scarfing an entire pizza. We’ve said too much.

Anyway, you can add Bella’s latest work of art to the list of previous classics such as "Look at My Butt in Jeans," "Spandex Ass," and "Girl With the Pearl Earring (Butt Version)."

"The most important artist of our time" is a phrase that gets thrown around too often, but can you think of a better description for Ms. Thorne? We didn’t think so.

This has been another installment of Ass-terpiece Theater. We hope you learned something.