Adam Lind: Already Hooking Up With a New Girl!

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Any lady would be lucky to have this class act.

Adam Lind's Car Selfie
Lysa Kari's Facebook Photo

After a less-than-flattering photo of Adam Lind surfaced on the interweb, his girlfriend, Stasia Huber, sent him packing (rightfully so).

You see, if you allow someone to take a photo of you biting/doing gross things to their butt, future girlfriends won't be pleased.  Especially if that photo gets posted to Instagram, like Lind's did (courtesy of ex-girlfriend, Jessica Nicole).

Great news, though! Lind has a new lady friend.

"Adam is already on the rebound from his breakup," a source told Radar Online.   "A girl from Minnesota drove to South Dakota to meet Adam over the weekend and to hook up with him. Now they are hanging out." 

The girl in question is is 24-year-old Alyssa Pfannenstein, who goes by Lysa Kari, of Sartell, Minnesota.

Kari herself has a daughter, but since the child was with her dad, Kari decided to make the 250-mile trip to Netflix and Hang with Lind.

"She's got a kid and supposedly it wasn't her weekend with her kid, so that's why she went to see Adam," the source explained to Radar.

Lind, however, had his daughter, Paislee for the weekend.

Lind (also dad to Aubree with ex and Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska) told Radar he brought Paislee home to her mother, Taylor Halbur, before Kari arrived.

Halbur isn't psyched about Lind's newest romance, though.

"It's just heartbreaking that Paislee has been introduced to so many different girls," the source said.

"It's just not right. Paislee knows who her mother is, but when she gets older, she is going to hear about all this stuff. In the long run, it's going to effect her mentally and emotionally." 

Lind and Kari, though, have known each other "for a long time" through mutual friends.

When Radar reached out to Lind for a comment, he explained that Kari is "just a friend who came to visit. It's no big deal.

"It's not] the first time I've met her and no she's not a random hookup," he went on.

"She came down with friends to see other friends and hang out… Not like she dove here and tried to f*** me and leave."

Straight from the horse's mouth!

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