Tyga Breaks Silence on Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Relationship!

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Since the news broke that Rob Kardashian is dating family nemesis Blac Chyna, there's been a lot of "he said/she said" chatter - though primarily in rumor form.

However, Blac's ex-fiance Tyga is now the first to speak out for real.

Blac, Tyga and Kylie

In a video shared by E! News, Tyga is asked point blank by a paparazzo what he thought about the budding relationship. The rapper responded with five simple words:

"Everybody deserves to be happy."


Well, that's not quite what we were expecting, given that nearly every party even remotely connected to the Kardashians seem to come out with fightin' words when challenged.

But hey, maybe he isn't really that concerned. 

Or more likely, that's what his publicist told him to say.

As far as other family responses, we've heard that Tyga's girlfriend Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner have all expressed full-fledged fury over the new dalliance.

Shortly after the news broke, Kylie posted (then deleted) an illustration of a beast said to represent the devil and wrote "This is @robkardashian lol."

Khloe reportedly lost her sh*t and kicked Rob and Blac out of her house after finding them both there amid bottles of liquor.

But, hey, Tyga's chill, because everybody deserves to be happy.

I mean, truthfully, he's right.

Earlier today, Blac herself admitted she lives for drama, so if drama makes her happy, involvement with the Kardashians is sure to bring her a lifetime of bliss.

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