Tila Tequila Claims She's an Alien, the Messiah, and Human Crack-Cocaine in Another Wild Twitter Rant

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Tila Tequila is sharing her, um...unique views on Twitter again, and as always, we're not sure if we should be amused or concerned.


Last week, Tila claimed she has an alien brain and argued that Earth is flat in one of the wildest online rants in recent memory.

Prior to that, Tila shared her belief that "all obese people deserve to die" and shared the news that she has a "giant penis."

This time, she started out by sharing her belief that the world we live in is part of a Hollywood production, a la The Truman Show.

She went to claim that she predicted the death of David Bowie, before arguing that the moon was placed in the sky by alien engineers.

Then things really got weird:

"The media is trying to spin this as if it's a joke because the Reptilian rulers of planet earth really don't want you to know the truth," Tila tweeted, as her 40,000 followers reached for their popcorn.

"I literally seriously saw Jesus when I died the 7th time & he transferred his energy into me then brought me back," Ms. Tequila went on.

After that, she broke down her alien DNA:

"Because my dna came directly from the tall alien whites, but the greys are my distant cousins. I have their eyes."

Then she closed out with a simple explanation of why her tweets are so damn addictive:

"Because I am the embodiment of crack cocaine but on twitter."

Makes sense. For once, Tila, we might actually be in agreement on something.

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