The Bachelor Predictions: Are These Picks Spot On?

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The new year brings a new season of The Bachelor, and with it a fresh new crop of contestants attempting to shamelessly grab publicity and up their social media following find true love.

The first episode of season 20 premiered Monday, and the internet is already abuzz with The Bachelor spoilers and predictions of who will receive Ben’s final rose.

The Bachelor Season 20 Cast

People magazine revealed their top picks - let’s have a look and see if you agree.


The tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, seemingly real-life incarnation of a Stepford Wife who left her dream job as a news anchor to be on the show is their first choice.

Olivia won the First Impression Rose, and by gum, she loves cuddling, French fries and The Shawshank Redemption, so she’s got to be every man’s dream... right?

Amber and Becca

America got to know these two on the last season of The Bachelor, but they ultimately wound up ringless. Could these women have an advantage because they've now mastered the system and can totally beat it?

Who knows, but I’m personally rooting for Becca, who says her biggest dating fear is clogging up a toilet in the vein of Dumb and Dumber. Now this is a girl I can identify with.

Haley and Emily

Haley and Emily are identical twins, and isn't it time this show reach peak cliche by introducing the male fantasy of twincest?

Also, their occupations on the ABC site are listed simply as “Twin,” so clearly their split zygote status is Very Important.

But Ben can’t pick them both. Will one do?


Welp, the girl came out of the limo wearing a unicorn head. One doesn’t forget that easily.

The Laurens

There are four contestants named Lauren, so by selecting one of them you automatically have a one in seven chance of picking the winner.

But People is hedging their bets on Lauren B., because, you know, she’s a flight attendant. Evidently, they're under the impression that Ben is completely unoriginal.

Lace and Mandi

Dubbed “The Entertainers,” Lace and Mandi are the requisite drama queens, and no one would watch if it wasn’t for them.

Mandi, a dentist, showed up wearing a ginormous, blossoming rose hat and gave Ben a literal dental exam while Lace got all up in Ben’s face because he didn’t make eye contact with her during the rose ceremony.

These two may or may not become Mrs. Bachelor, but we have no doubt the network will keep them around for a while, because they’ve probably already agreed (off the record, of course) to pile on the theatrics.

What say you? Who do you think Ben will propose to upon season’s end (then break up with a few months later)?

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