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Ugh, probation.  Amiright?

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Teresa Giudice is out of jail, but not exactly free from the constraints of the law.  On probation until February 5th, Giudice is required to wear a tracking device on her ankle and adhere to her house arrest rules, which aren’t all that restrictive.

According to Radar Online, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has a 9pm nightly curfew; if she has a work commitment that goes later, she has to run it by her probation officer.  She’s also "required to check in daily with the Federal Location Monitoring program" that oversees her house arrest.

This really puts a damper on Giudice’s social life, it appears.

“It’s embarrassing for Teresa because she wants to go into New York City with her friends," a source told Radar.  "But that will have to wait for a bit.”  

The bracelet is less like an accessory and more like a big pain in the ass.

Giudice “isn’t a fan of wearing the ankle bracelet because it’s cumbersome and bulky."  What’s more, it’s not conducive to the reality star’s style.

“Teresa wants to wear a short mini-skirt and heels, but that’s just not an option.”

All of this is better than being in jail, right?

While filming her return from the big house for RHONJ, Bravo pressured Giudice to show her bracelet to the cameras.

“She wasn’t happy to do it, but knew Bravo wanted it for the show,” the source added.

Happy New Year!