Steven Avery Files Appeal; Cites Illegal Search, Biased Jury

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Steven Avery - the subject of the recent Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer - has filed an appeal asking a judge to throw out his 2005 conviction for the murder of Theresa Halbach.

Steven Avery

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Avery claims that he has sufficient evidence to prove that one juror was openly biased against him from the start of the trial, repeatedly describing Avery as "f--king guilty" in the presence of other jurors.

Additionally, the 53-year-old inmate claims that key pieces of incriminating evidence - including traces of blood and the key to Halbach's vehicle - that were discovered inside his home were found by way of an illegal search that violated the terms of the warrant obtained by investigators.

Obviously, Avery is likely hoping that the attention brought to this case by the documentary will help his cause, but several key pieces of evidence that may help to overturn his conviction were actually not featured in the ten-part Netflix series.

The pro-Avery movement online has unearthed several key facts that were not brought up in his trial, including the shocking revelation that a member of the jury worked closely with the Manitowoc sheriffs who arrested Avery.

In the time since Making a Murderer aired Avery's own theory about who committed the murders has been revealed to the public, but his attorneys will likely choose not to make any allegations in the courtroom.

It's now up to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals to decide if Avery will get another day in court.

Several legal experts who have already weighed in on the matter believe that his odds are good,due to the level of controversy surrounding his conviction. 

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