Saint West: First Photo Leaked Online?!

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It's been over a month since Kim Kardashian welcomed her baby boy into the world, and we still haven't seen a photo of little Saint West.

And no, we don't count the pic of Saint's hand that Kim posted earlier this month. We're talking about something like this:

Saint West: First Photo?

That's a photo that some believe to be our glimpse of His Holiness, Saint West.

Frankly, we have our doubts.

Yes, the pic shows a little girl who looks a lot like North sporting a Yeezus shirt and feeding a bottle to a much younger kid.

However, we can't be 100% sure that's really North, and even if it is, there's no clear indication that the other kid is Saint, and not some other random baby.

The photo's origin is what makes us the most suspicious.

It didn't appear on any sort of official social media account associated with the Kardashians or Yeezy.

Instead, it popped up on an Instagram page with about half a million followers called Private Kanye.

Lots of celebs have secret IG accounts meant just for family and friends, but:

1. We think 'Ye could probably come up with a more low-key name for his than "Private Kanye", and 2. If he has half a million followers, doesn't that mean he failed at the "private" part?

Anyway, there's still a chance that this is the first photo of little Saint West.

If that turns out to be the case, remember you saw it here first! If it's a fake, um...blame the jerks who run Private Kanye!

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