Miranda Lambert: PREGNANT With Anderson East's Baby?!

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Earlier this week, Miranda Lambert referred to Anderson East as her boyfriend in an Instagram post.

We had known that Miranda and Anderson were dating for a while, but some fans were surprised to learn that Miranderson is officially an item. Of course, that news pales in comparison to this bombshell:

Miranda Lambert: Pregnant?!

Yes, according to the fine folks at Life & Style, Miranda is not only pregnant, she's having the baby as some sort of twisted act of revenge against Blake. 

We were under the impression that Blake and Miranda were still friends, and the divorce was as amicable as could be expected, but L&S insists that we've been fooled. FOOLED!!!

“Miranda is all fired up," a source tells the tabloid. “Payback is a bitch."

Someone should tell her that motherhood is actually not professional wrestling. This made-up source makes it sound like Miranda is gonna spike the baby like a football when it's born.

We can see Miranda sitting at this kid's high school in 18 years, smiling about how she totally burned Blake by bringing this life into the world.

Obviously, we kid. Miranda doesn't seem like the dangerously psychotic type.

Maybe she's pregnant, or perhaps she and Anderson will have a kid at some point, but we highly doubt the motive will be revenge.

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