Leah Messer: Caught Cheating on T.R. Dues With Jeremy Calvert?!

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Relationships are not Leah Messer's strong suit.

The troubled Teen Mom has been divorced twice and sources say her new relationship is on the rocks after just a few months. But she keeps trying - and failing spectacularly:

Leah is Crushed

Last week, it was rumored that Leah had dumped T.R. Dues in order to get back together with Jeremy Calvert - her most recent husband and baby daddy.

Now it looks as though Leah is indeed interested in rekindling her romance with Calvert, she just has yet to get around to breaking things off with Dues:

“T.R. looked in Leah’s phone, and saw she had written ‘I love you’ to Jeremy, and even called him ‘babe,'” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online. “He was furious!

“He wants to get his own apartment, just in case things go south. Friends are warning him that Leah cheated on her exes, and is likely to do it to him, too.”

This is far from the first major problem that Leah and T.R. have dealt with in their brief but fast-moving relationship.

Just yesterday, we reported that Leah won't allow Dues to talk to his baby mama as a result of her insane jealousy.

We imagine the discovering shortly thereafter that Leah is sweet-talking her own ex behind his back didn't sit well with T.R.

We give this relationship about two more weeks.

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