Lamar Odom: Fighting to Win Khloe Kardashian Back!

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Lamar Odom's strength is slowly returning ... and along with it, so is his desire to reunite romantically with his estranged wife Khloe!

We're not ruling anything out, especially given Odom's miraculous recovery after nearly dying in a Vegas brothel, but it's an uphill battle.

Yes, she tore up their divorce papers, but beyond that?

With Khloe Kardashian and James Harden going strong, there seems to be little to no interest in a full-blown reconciliation on her end.

Sources close to Lamar report that he is undeterred, however, in his pursuit of his wife, who he believes will come back to him eventually.

An insider tells celebrity news site Radar Online:

"Lamar asks for her all the time, it’s clear he’s still very much in love with Khloe and wanting to build his life around the two of them together."

Now that Lamar is out of the hospital, three months into his recovery from a near-fatal overdose, he feels he can make this happen.

Odom, 36, really feels Kardashian, 31, will abandon her relationship with NBA star Harden, 26, and get back together with him. Forever.

Says the insider quoted by the web tabloid:

“He doesn’t believe this romance with James will last, and has faith they’ll wind up living as man and wife again when the timing’s right."

The athlete knows that it's a long road, though, and for now, he's "focused on building up his strength and spending time with his kids."

"Lamar’s just grateful to have another shot at life and the fact Khloe hasn’t formalized the divorce yet gives him strength to keep fighting.”

Keep on fighting that good fight, Lamar - to get back your strength, and expel your demons for good - and the rest will work itself out.

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