Kylie Jenner: Hinting at Breakup With Tyga on Instagram?

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If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, you know the girl usually doesn't leave much to the imagination.

But that doesn't mean Kylie doesn't like to occasionally tease her fans for a little mystery.

Kylie Jenner Side-Eye Photo

Yes, it's time to put on your Sherlock cap and bust out your magnifying glass, because that seemingly innocent selfie posted last night may contain a deeper meaning, and some social media sleuths are already trying to crack Kylie's code.

What's interesting about the pic isn't that Kylie's having a hair day that brings to mind Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary

No, what really sets this selfie apart from the 4,654,837 that Kylie posted before it is the caption:

"77 weeks ago," Kylie wrote.

Yes, it could just be a throwback photo from August of 2014, but Kylie posted a bunch of throwback pics last night, and she deleted them all except for this one. 

It's worth noting that it was around that time that we first reported that Kylie was dating Tyga.

Could her scared, side-eyeing expression she's wearing by Kylie's way of saying she regrets the decision?

Maybe! Are we reading too much into a seemingly random Instagram post? Almost certainly!

Still, Kylie is savvier than most folks give her credit for. When she posted a pic like this in the midst of the latest Tyga cheating scandal, she knew what people would think.

And whether or not she's really trying to tell us that she's kicked him to the curb, she's almost certainly enjoying the speculation.

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