Kris Jenner Messes With KUTWK Editing As Ratings Fall

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.  So what if it messes with a broken relationship?

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In what has become a weekly update in Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Editing Flubs, it's been revealed that Scott and Kourtney's fragile storyline is out of order.

Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors and Radar Online pointed out that the January 3rd episode, in which Scott was confronted by all three Kardashian sisters, doesn't make chronological sense.

Scott arrived at Jenner's home thinking he was having a one-on-one with Kourtney following their break-up.  Instead, he was met with the wrath of Khloe and Kim, who took him to task for his reckless behavior.  

Kourtney also complained that Scott never sees their three kids anymore.

At one point, Scott told the sisters that he had contemplated suicide, an emotional moment which made everyone tear up.

Kontinuity Errors points out that this scene was filmed on September 3rd, and Kourtney made the exact same comment about Scott not being around for their kids in the second episode of this season.

"In that episode, Lord appeared alone at Jenner’s home and she called Kardashian on the phone and the two of them proceeded to lambaste him for abandoning his children," Radar explains.

"That scene was filmed on September 14, 2015, nearly two weeks after the scene in Sunday’s show. But it actually aired back on November 22."

Ok, now I'm a bit dizzy.

Why all the fuss about editing scenes?  For one, it messed with the facts in regards to Kourtney and Scott's relationship.  

Additionally, Jenner is being accused of doctoring said scenes because ratings are in the toilet for KUWTK.

Episode 3 of this season pulled in only 1.893 million viewers, according to Nielson ratings; the previous week's episode attracted 2.053 million.

This season's premiere episode was the lowest-ranking episode in the series' history.

Watch recent episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians yourself to see how editing has made viewers irate.

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