Kris Jenner Gains Over 70 Lbs! Eats Her Feelings! (Report)

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Say what you want about Kris Jenner, but no one deserves this kind of publicity.

Kris Jenner's Weight Gain: Star Magazine

When the females at Star Magazine were putting this issue together, did they stop and think, "Hmm, body-shaming is not only frowned upon, it's kind of the most awful thing you can do to a woman."

This week's cover features a back shot of the Kardashian matriarch boarding a ship, with unflattering shots set again at "72-lb weight gain" headline.

"Kris was practically unrecognizable,” an onlooker in St. Barts told the magazine of seeing Jenner and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble over the holidays.

“She gained about 72 lbs. in the second half of 2015."

The report claims that Jenner recently lost focus after losing weight last summer in an effort to "look better than Caitlyn [Jenner]," going from a 1500-calorie/day diet to 6,000.

“It’s really sad because she was in the best shape of her life last summer," the source pointed out.

"She had stepped up her workouts and was eating really healthfully, even cutting down on the booze. But she couldn’t keep it up."

The source said that the stress of Rob Kardashian being hospitalized, Lamar Odom's health, and Scott Disick's breakdown have taken its toll on Jenner, whom Star claims is "headed towards a serious crisis."

Gossip Cop refutes this claim, pointing out how great Jenner looked on January 12th while washing The Bachelor host Chris Harrison's hair.

Kris Jenner Washes Chris Harrison's Hair

We can only assume that the photo was doctored to make Jenner look bigger than she actually is, which is very messed up.

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