Kit Harington: Jon Snow is DEFINITELY Dead!

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Unless you've been sentenced to take the black and join the Night's Watch, and you just now figured out the wi-fi password at the Wall, you're probably aware that Jon Snow was "killed" in the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale.

Jon Snow Glares

Naturally, in the months since, there's been much speculation as to whether or not Snow is really dead.

After all, death takes many forms in Westeros, and even though we saw him get stabbed several times and bleed out in the snow (a fitting end, if ever there was one), it's hard to believe a character who's been so important to the proceedings thus far could really be gone for good.

The fact that Jon is featured prominently in the season 6 promotional materials seemed to basically confirm that he had somehow survived the attack, or would be brought back from the great beyond (perhaps by the otherworldly Melisandre).

This week, however, actor Kit Harington, who portrays Jon on the show, has been going around dashing hopes in a series of interviews:

“I think anyone who wants to know what happens in season six has to wait until it comes out," he told E! News.

"All I can tell you is Jon Snow is dead. He died at the end of last season…. It’s going to be an exciting season. So I’m led to believe.”

Later in the week, Harington said the following during an interview with the BBC:

"People didn’t want me to die, but he’s dead. So there you go, everyone has to get used to it. I haven’t done Thrones in a while. I had quite a lot of time off last year. I’ve been taking it easy. And relaxing."

Okay, Kit. Clearly you're either lying to us, or like your signature know nothing.

Either way, we're guessing season six will feature more Snow than winter storm Jonas.

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