Kanye West and North West: Totally Twinning!

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Sometimes, Kanye West goes on an insane rant.

Other times, Kanye West must deny accusations that he likes women to place their fingers up his butt.

Kanye West and North West

So it's easy to forget that Kanye actually seems like a loving, caring, all-in father who has a great relationship with his children.

And perhaps that explains why Kim Kardashian just shared the above photo on her official website/app.

“I love seeing these side-by-side pics of North and Kanye,” Kim wrote on her site.

“I did a post of North and me a few months back. Everyone always says how much Kanye and North look alike, they make so many of the same faces, LOL!”

Think what you want about the rapper, but this really is a pretty darn adorable snapshot.

It arrives in the middle of a harsh feud between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa, which turned into a feud between Kanye and ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

After believing Khalifa took a swipe at his wife, West responded by dragging Amber and Wiz's kid into the discussion, which did not endear him to... well.. anyone.

Can you imagine how Kanye would react if anyone referenced North West or Saint West in some trash talk?

Hopefully Kanye has learned an important lesson and now we can go back to just admiring how precious his first born child really is...

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