Justin Bieber: Shirtless, Purple-Haired on Instagram

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Justin Bieber doesn't just have a new girlfriend in Hailey Baldwin.

He has has a new hair color.

Justin Bieber Purple Hair Photo

The artist took to Instagram on Saturday in order to show off some fresh purple highlights, initially doing so via the above photo.

It depicts Bieber sitting on the hood of a fancy sports car, looking down and rocking a pair of sunglasses.

Justin did not include a caption with the image.

But he did send a message to followers with his next purple-haired picture... although we doubt most fans were focused on Bieber's hair in this one:

Justin Bieber: Shirtless and Purple

"Back in the gym," Bieber wrote on Instagram, wearing nothing but a towel while holding his phone up for a selfie.

Prior to sharing these photos, meanwhile, Bieber posted what may have been his racist snapshot to date on Instagram.

It's so hot and so very heavy that we had to censor it. Click below to actually see Justin Bieber in his underwear, feeling up his own crotch in bed.

Justin Bieber Touches Himself

"Sweet dreams," the superstar wrote as a caption this time around.

And we're guessing the dreams of his fans were most definitely sweet after ogling this nearly-naked picture.

Take as long as you want to stare and drool at the photos above before moving on the shirtless shots below.

Who cares what color Justin Bieber's hair is when he looks like this regardless?!?

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