Josh Duggar: "Wasn't Mentioned Once" During Family Christmas Celebration, Source Says

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The holidays have come and gone, and as predicted, Josh Duggar spent Christmas in rehab being treated for addictions to sex and pornography.

Joshua Duggar

Josh has been in treatment for several months now, and given the severity of the indiscretions that motivated him to check in, his situation's not the kind of thing that makes for lively holiday banter, especially if you're the devoutly religious Duggar clan.

Perhaps that's why insiders say Josh and his recent "troubles" were banned as topics of conversation during the family's recent holiday celebrations.

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that in compliance with Jim Bob's wishes, Josh "wasn't mentioned once" during the family's several-day Christmas festivities.

“Jinger was playing piano, kids were running around with toys,” the insider says.

“It was a normal Christmas just without Josh there. It didn’t feel like an elephant was in the room, Josh has been away for so long, it’s just become normal to have him gone.”

There was speculation that Josh might leave rehab in time for the holidays after John David Duggar made a secretive, late-night trip to Josh's rehab facility on Christmas Eve.

According to the source, however, John David was simply paying Josh a visit, and the 27-year-old father of four may still jave several months left in his treatment. 

“Josh did not leave his rehab to spend the holidays with the family," says the insider, adding that John David likely didn't tell his younger sisters that he took a trip to see Josh.

“If some of the family went to see him, that is definitely not something everyone in the family knew," the source claims.

Sounds like even after Josh finishes his treatment, he'll still have a long way to go to get back into his family's good graces.

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