Johnny Depp: Drunk and Disoriented at Film Fest Appearance?

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Rumors of Johnny Depp getting drunk (or drunker than usual) before public appearances have been circulating for months now, and the pics of Depp at last weekend's Palm Springs International Film Festival are unlikely to quash the speculation:

Johnny Depp: Drunk?
Johnny Depp: Drunk With Amber Heard!

"He was very friendly but almost unrecognizable!" one onlooker told Radar Online. "He looked to have put on a good 30 pounds at least."

"His hair was a greasy mess, and his teeth were yellowed too. It was pretty shocking. He looked more like Marlon Brando than Johnny Depp!"

Apparently, it wasn't just Depp's appearance that had attendees worried, as the 52-year-old's behavior was strange even by the lofty standards he's set throughout his career.

Sources say Depp careened from table to table making small talk throughout the evening, but had little to say when he took the stage to accept an award.

"During the dinner, he went over to Christian Bale's table and squatted on the floor talking to him," said one witness, who adds that the actor wasn't nearly so chatty during his acceptance speech:

"He kind of mumbled, 'How was the beef?' He seemed really confused and rambling and then just ended abruptly by saying 'It's over with, that's it,' before just walking off. People were kind of looking at each other like, 'What just happened?' It was bizarre."

Rumors that Depp's drinking is getting out of hand began when the actor gave a clearly inebriated speech at last year's Hollywood Film Awards

Since then, there have been reports of Depp's drinking is driving Amber Heard away after less than a year of marriage.

We doubt that, as she usually looks pretty happy by his side on the red carpet...and we kinda doubt that she's that good an actress 

Plus, we imagine the woman knew what she was getting into when she exchanged vows with a wobbly Captain Jack on a remote island in the Pacific.

Depp's latest appearances are part of his awards season push for Black Mass, which despite its title, is not a documentary about Johnny's liver.

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