Jenelle Evans Files Larceny Charges Against Nathan Griffith

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Earlier today, we reported that Nathan Griffith stole Jenelle Evans' car so that he could use items that Evans had left inside the vehicle as evidence at his upcoming custody hearing.

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Apparently, the car contained a stroller and other items that Griffith had purchased for their son, Kaiser, and Griffith wanted to show them to the judge as proof that he's a fit parent.

It may be the first time in history that a crime was committed in order to impress a judge, and someone should really fill Nathan in on the magic of receipts, because his situation may have just gotten a whole lot worse.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Jenelle is seizing the opportunity to screw her ex over by pressing larceny charges

Apparently, Nathan can't be charged for taking the car because it's registered in both his and Evans' names, so Jenelle is filing charges over the random crap he took out of the car:

“It’s a misdemeanor larceny charge,” a source with the New Hanover County Sheriffs Office tells Radar Online.

“She claims he took a car seat, bracelet, tanning lotion, clothing and some other items with a total value of a $1000.”

Reports vary as to what exactly Griffith stole from the car.

Jenelle tweeted earlier that he didn't steal the car seat, and according to one source, she's single-handedly spending more money on tanning lotion than the entire cast of Jersey Shore:

“He took jewelry, an iPad, a car seat, stroller, her kids’ jackets, her jacket, tanning lotion worth a lot of money, and more,” one source explained. 

“Jenelle is going to get a new car, so she could care less about that, but Nathan’s not the greatest person for doing it in the first place and it hurts Jenelle so bad that he would do this to his own son.”

Yeah! How dare he condemn his son to a life of living with a mom with an uneven tan!

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