Farrah Abraham: Feuding With the Mother of Her Dead Baby Daddy?

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Farrah Abraham has a lot of beef on her plate these days.

The girl has more active feuds going on than every country in the Middle East combined, and that seems to be just the way she likes it.

Farrah Abraham Talks About Being Univited From Lisa Vanderpump's Party

As you may have heard Farrah attacked the Kardashians on social media last after a sketch they performed on Khloe's new talk show rubbed her the wrong way.

Prior to that, Farrah's feud with Nicki Minaj captured the Internet's attention just for the sheer randomness of the whole thing.

Now, Farrah is engaged in her most surprising tiff yet, as Radar Online reports that she's clashing with Stormie Clark, the mother of Farrah's late baby daddy, Derek Underwood.

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know last week's episode featured an emotional reunion between Farrah and Derek's family - well, part of his family, anyway.

The woman billed as Derek's mom was actually his stepmom. Stormie was understandably shocked when she saw the episode, and she blames MTV and Farrah for the misinformation.

"REALLY MTV?? You owe me an Apology! I am Derek's Mother! I look NOTHING like her! Get it right!" Stormie tweeted during the episode.

“It ripped my heart out. We were all shocked,” Clark later told Radar.

“Derek’s father Jerry is his only blood relative airing on the show. Those other people filming with him are Derek’s STEP-family.”

Clark added that she believes Farrah is keeping her granddaughter from her and teaching 6-year-old Sophia that Derek's stepmother is her grandmother "out of spite."

“It saddens me that Sophia is falsely informed about me, her grandmother, and they want her to believe that Debbie is her grandma, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” Clark said.

“It’s so sad that Sophia has so many family members that love her so much, and we are all right here.”

Farrah has yet to speak publicly on the matter, but sadly, you can be certain that she will at some point.

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