Courtney Stodden Posts Her Version of a "Classy" Outfit

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The not-so-elusive wife of Doug Hutchison uses her Instagram account as a portfolio for anyone looking to sign a cheap-looking model.

Courtney Stodden Instagrams her "Classy" Outfit

Fishwrapper found a saucy image of the 21-year-old, posing as she does in front of a mirror.

"My outfit for the night. 1 piece + hoodie. #classy," Courtney Stodden posted on January 23rd.


Anyway, if you spend some time pouring over her Instagram feed, you'll notice that she does her damndest to evoke the style and spirit of Marilyn Monroe.

On January 21st, Stodden posed for a photo outside Hollygrove, an orphanage that closed its doors in 2005 after 125 years of business.  The organization house Marilyn Monroe, when she was Norma Jean Baker.

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that Courtney Stodden thinks she really wants to be Marilyn Monroe, but hasn't actually read anything about Marilyn Monroe.

Stodden likely draws comparisons to Monroe, since both blonds married at sixteen and use their bombshell image as their meal ticket.

Back in October, Stodden told Us Weekly that she and Hutchison will renew their vows.  

“I can finally [plan] it myself, you know, because I was 16 and I had to have it signed [by my parents], so I think finally not having any parents involved and just doing it myself is going to be great," she said at a PETA event last September.

“I want to do a big thing, because, you know, our first time around we married in Las Vegas next to a Chevron — it was not that glamorous!

"So I really want to play it up. I want to do the whole Cinderella thing.”

Here are three things that are bound to happen at this vow renewal:

1) The dress will flammable and low-cut.

2) The ceremony and reception will be available to rent/buy via Pay-Per-View.

3) The theme will be Marilyn Monroe.

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