Caitlyn Jenner Settles Car Crash Lawsuit

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Caitlyn Jenner has settled a lawsuit that had been lodged against her for the wrongful death of Kim Howe, who was killed in a four-car accident caused by the former athlete and reality star in February 2015.

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Howe's stepchildren, William Howe and Dana Richmond had filed the suit against the reality star and transgender icon.

That was dismissed this week after they reached an undisclosed settlement agreement with Jenner, reports Gossip Cop. 

According to the site, Jenner's insurance company is covering all damages so the star will not have to pay the victim's stepchildren out of pocket.

Though Jenner may have been driving carelessly, she has not faced any criminal charges since she did not break any laws such as driving under the influence or texting and driving.

Howe and Richmond reportedly had no relationship with their stepmother and Jenner had argued that the two suffered no financial losses as a result of her death.

However, in California, stepchildren do have the right to file suit, even if they were estranged from the parent.

It is likely that Jenner wanted to avoid a highly publicized court battle and chose to settle quietly.

Jenner settled a lawsuit with another driver affected by the accident back in December, but still faces a third pending lawsuit from a third party who was involved.

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