Adam Lind Goes on Racist Rant, Challenges Fan to a Fight on Instagram

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Adam Lind has established himself as the king of Teen Mom D-bags on several occasions, but he just took his bodybuilding douche bro routine to a new level with a racist, homophobic rant that he posted on Instagram over the weekend:

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When a follower described Lind as a "fake bodybuilder" and accused him of using steroids, Lind...basically proved him right by flying into an irrational rage:

“You stupid n--ger all you’re gonna do is run your mouth,” Lind wrote.

“F--king c--n, calm you’re ass down before you get lumped up punk. Like I said, if you wanna bump your big ass gums come to Sioux Falls, SD, and let’s go.”

Lind concluded his rant by taunting his new rival and throwing out an anti-gay slur, just in case anyone doubted how massive a jack-ass he really is:

“Just remember, you’re the one who knows an awful lot about me?? You’ve been following teen mom for sometime now…Who’s the real f-g? Haha, keep supporting my salary boy.”

Given Lind's long history of arrests you might think he would refrain from issuing threats of physical violence in public forums.

Of course, if you've seen the guy go off on Chelsea Houska, you know there's no keeping that psychotic temper in check.

For the record, Houska is reportedly "disgusted" by Lind's rant.

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