19 Kids and Counting: Return Episode's Storyline Revealed!

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Get ready Duggar fans, it looks like 19 Kids and Counting is coming back to TV!

4 Duggar Sisters

After the testing the waters with the limited-run Jill & Jessa: Counting On last month, TLC has apparently decided to give the entire Duggar clan another chance at reality stardom.

As we previously reported, a camera crew followed the Duggars on a recent family outing to a lumberyard. 

That may not seem like a very big deal on its own, but add to that the fact that the Duggar girls were spotted filming at a thrift store, and it seems pretty clear that the family is preparing for a comeback.

Now, enough pieces have fallen into place that we're able to reveal a bit about the storyline for their first episode back:

"John David sent over a list of things they needed to build a tree house," says the owner of the lumberyard where the family was filming.

"He wanted to make sure we have the stuff. We got it all together. Jana was really the one in charge. We asked her if she needed 4* grooves or 8″ grooves and she knew the answer. She was the one giving all the instructions."

So we know we'll be seeing the construction of a (probably humongous) tree house, but what will the older Duggar girls be up to?

Well, apparently the network was thrilled with the viewer response to Jana Duggar, and the 26-year-old will be a majot focus of the first episode.

Jana was spotted filming with her sisters at the thrift shop, and production sources say the show will delve into her feelings about still being single while her younger sisters are getting married and starting families.

As Jana is pretty much the most beloved Duggar, that certainly sounds like a formula for success.

Sounds like both the family and the network are eager to leave the past behind them with a successful new series.

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