Yolanda Foster: I Will PROVE I Have Lyme Disease!

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The sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres tonight on Bravo, and you can safely assume that once again, the ladies' "friendships" and wine glass throwing abilities will both be put to the test.

Things may be a bit different this time, however, as in addition to the usual addiction and infidelity-fueled drama there's a bizarre amount of controversy surrounding Yolanda Foster's struggle with Lyme disease.

Yolanda in Treatment

Foster was diagnosed with the illness in 2012, and her condition has steadily worsened in the years since.

Fans who have watched Yolanda's health deteriorate were shocked when returning Housewife Taylor Armstrong mocked Foster and suggested that she was exaggerating her symptoms.

Astonishingly, Kyle Richards recently doubled-down on that claim and suggested in an interview that she believes Foster is faking it.

Yolanda has remained relatively quiet on the issue, but insiders say she's plotting her revenge on Armstrong and Richards, and she hopes to make this season hell for those who betrayed her.

Production sources tell Radar Online that Foster will prove she has Lyme disease by sharing her medical records with those who doubt her. 

And of course, she won't stop with just proving her fake friends wrong:

“She seems to be the center of all of the drama,” an insider tells the website. “The ladies have continued to question her Lyme disease diagnosis, all behind her back.

"Knowing the cattiness of the ladies, Yolanda isn’t surprised about the whispers, but just wishes it would have been expressed to her directly.”

“Yolanda watched how Bravo handled Brooks’ cancer scandal. She won’t tolerate this playing out as gossip fodder or allow the show to minimize the seriousness of what she has been through.”

The source adds that Yolanda discussed her intentions with producers but Taylor and Kyle were not warned in advance that they would be confronted.

If we weren't already looking forward to tonight's premiere, we certainly are now!

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