Tyga: Trying to Win Blac Chyna Back?!

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Last month, Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up, but then quickly got back together.

We're guessing Tyga quickly realized that the world is only interested in him as Kylie's boyfriend, and he successfully weaseled his way back into her heart ... but there's more to this story than meets the eye.

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For a while, no one could figure out why Kylie would give the D-list rapper another chance, but earlier today, an interesting theory emerged.

Several sources now claim Kylie is only keeping Tyga around to mess with Blac Chyna, and/or because she can't bear to "lose" their feud.

That may sound like an insane reason to stay in a relationship, but you have to remember how heated the Kylie vs. Blac Chyna feud got at one point. 

By all accounts, these women straight-up hated each other, so we could see Kylie keeping Blac's baby daddy off the market as a final middle finger to her rival.

Unfortunately for Kylie, the plan may be soon to backfire.

According to a new report from In Touch, Tyga's been turning to Blac for solace ever since Kylie kicked him out of her house last week.

“She’s been comforting him a little after Kylie and her crew kicked him out," an insider tells the tabloid.

"They’ve become friendly, and he and Blac are on good terms. They’re friends and nothing’s popped off sexually between them."

"But Tyga and Blac alone is a recipe for sexual healing."

"While Tyga misses Kylie, the fact is, he’s a man who loves attention and who doesn’t like being alone," the insider goes on.

"When he’s home by himself he’s left to his own devices - and he starts texting away and texting Blac!"

"They’ve also been Facetiming to one another.”

Sounds like Kylie may want to put Tyga on a shorter leash.

Maybe it's just us and we're reading too much into it, but if all those Donald Trump rants have taught us anything, it's that Chyna is a constant threat!

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