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Kate Middleton, Prince William and their children pretty much make the perfect family … but was their perfect Christmas portrait doctored?

Yes, this is a serious debate happening on social media.

William, Kate, George and Charlotte's 2015 Christmas Photo

Many Royal Family fans feel that Princess Charlotte, or at least her head, was somehow altered in the official photo released last week.

Charlotte’s "recycled" ensemble in William and Kate’s Christmas portrait was quickly noted, but whatever, all babies re-wear clothes.

However, people started "observing" that Charlotte’s head is clearly defined in the picture, yet the area around her head is a bit fuzzy.

Supposedly. The rumors began to swirl, in any event, and Elliot Wagland, Photo Editor of Huffington Post UK and AOL, weighed in.

“Something is wrong with this (photoshopped) picture of the royal family,” he wrote on Twitter, taking the "scandal" to a new level.

Then BuzzFeed did a whole story on this in BuzzFeed fashion. “We’re not the only ones to notice something is afoot," the site declared.

"Why is her head so clear and the area around it so blurry?”

The Christmas photo has been dissected, enlarged and analyzed countless times, and frankly, the "evidence" is flimsy at best.

For one, the supposed blurriness around the cutie’s neck is only visible whilst zooming in so far that the whole image is blurry.

Secondly, there are other imperfections, if you will, such as Charlotte adorably losing a shoe and William not looking at the camera.

Any family of four – particularly ones who own humans under the age of three – know it’s next to impossible to get everyone to look.

If they cared, they would choose a different picture, no?

Finally, even if there were airbrushing, filtering or Photoshop involved … this distinguishes the royals from exactly no one in this era.

You don’t even need Photoshop proper these days, as technology on every mobile device lets you enhance and edit photos in 20 seconds.

Seriously, the drama over Kate Middleton’s bangs and her oft-debated commoner holiday plans have more legs as royal non-scandals go.

A Palace spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the royal family had no comment … but reportedly laughed out loud when asked about it.

LOL, indeed.