Nick Gordon Photoshops Bobbi Kristina Brown on Christmas Card

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They say true love never dies.

And Nick Gordon has set out to prove this adage via a Christmas card that some view as romantic and others view as really, REALLY creepy.

Nick Gordon Christmas Card

The Z-List celebrity shared the above image on Twitter late last week, ringing in the holiday season with a festive picture that features him sitting alongside late girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Both are wearing Santa hats. Both have gift boxes sitting on their laps. And both have big smiles plastered across their faces.

Many were taken aback by this Christmas card for two reasons:

  1. After falling unconscious in her bathtub and then being placed on life support for many months, Bobbi Kristina died on late July.
  2. Gordon has been suspected of foul play in the death of Whitney Houston's only daughter, with talk of his impending murder arrest remaining prominent as recently as October.

So... yeah.

We appreciate the fact that Gordon misses Bobbi Kristina and everything.

We can't pretend to have any idea what was going on between the pair toward the end of her life.

But the idea of actually resurrecting your dead girlfriend for a Christmas card is just a tad eerie, especially when one considers the shady circumstances surrounding Bobbi's death.

May you rest in peace, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

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